Moni had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…

**Please note for the squeamish and some vegetarians the photographs below are graphic.

Finally, I got to experience a meal from start to finish; from pasture to plate.  As a meat eater I think it’s important to know the process to be able to withstand the whole kill-an-animal part of it.  And I did.  I saw the lamb scurrying around the paddock, watched it bled from a swift cut to the jugular, and observed closely as Roberto, the farm hand, made incisions in just the right spot to easily skin the beast by maneuvering his fist between the skin and muscles.

When you´re not accustomed to seeing your meat butchered it can be quite an assault on one’s modern sensibilities, I suppose.  But I am pleased to report that I didn’t flinch much, – but of course, I wasn’t the one putting the knife to flesh.  And that’s my next step; now I´ve observed and next it’s time to do it myself…

The meal, by the way, was more thandelicious.

Here are some pictures from start to finish.

Roberto lassooing the lamb

Swift cut through the jugular to bleed the lamb

After the lamb is bled, it is easily skinned by using a fist in between the pelt and the muscles

blood and guts

roasting the lamb (note, the fire is on the top)




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One response to “Moni had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…

  1. Henry Nguyen

    How did the slaughter-to-table experience affect the dining experience? Was it tastier, or were you a little more queasy about eating it? Did you eat more quickly (out of either hurry or ravenousness), or did you eat more slowly out of respect? Was the experience more intellectual or visceral (no pun intended!)?

    I know, a lot of questions, but my curiosity is piqued!

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