Cowgirl Dreams

A few weeks ago a friend of mine organized a weekend away on his family´s farm.  It was a great time and included lots of meals around the table, playing shark in the pool, and riding horses.  One morning I woke up with the birds and went to the paddock with my friend, A, who grew up on the campo.  He helped me tack up my horse, pointed out the paths between the soy and corn plants and then sent me galloping.  The perfect romance of the scene bordered on the ridiculous:  a terribly blue sky,  cowboy boots,  and the sound of horses hooves on a dirt road;  what really sealed the deal was losing my ponytail holder and feeling my hair gently flap behind me with the three beats of my horses canter. Back at the ranch I got to play out a few girlhood fantasies as a cow hand.



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2 responses to “Cowgirl Dreams

  1. Sarah C.

    That first picture of you on the horse is fantastic! You look like a real cowgirl.

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